Effects of changing growth conditions on tree increment, stand production and vitality – danger or opportunity for the Central-European forestry?

The project ACECZECHFOR addresses the issue of changing growth environment on production and vitality of trees grown in the conditions of Czech forests and open landscape. The project builds on woody biomass and forest soil data collected in the pilot statistical landscape inventory in the country (2008-2009) and proposes a repeated inventory of trees grown in forest and open landscape. Repeated tree biomass inventory, complemented with dendrochronology and isotopic analysis (d13C, d18O), will provide quantitative data on current and recent changes in tree growth, production and vitality indices and water use efíiciency. These data will be analyzed using in-depth correlative approaches and modeling to discern the contribution of key environmental and site variables (N-deposition, climate, stand and soil characteristics). The project will bring a wealth of quantitative information on tree responses to changing environment and improve our understanding on actual contribution of individual factors in elevation gradient and conditions of the Czech landscape and practical forestry. This project aims at analyzing and quantirying the effects of actual and recent changes of growth environment on tree and stand growth and vitality, discerning the relative contribution of N deposition, temperature and moisture in elevation gradient of the Czech statistical landscape inventory grid.

This project is funded by the Czech Science Foundation (Reg. No. 14-12262S)